Sunday, November 05, 2006



Ding-Dong, The Bitch Is Dead.

OK, so he's scheduled to be lynched.

And now, Yahoo is saying that the world is divided on Ol' maddaS' sentencing. Half of them say that this is not the way the new Iraq should be; the other half says "tell that to the thousands he killed."

As much as I want to see the sumbitch hung, I think it's not enough.

Send him to an American prison. That way, what he did to the people he killed, people on Death Row can do to him. And I hope they get a medal for icing Sadaam.

Rot in hell, Sadaam. Rot in hell, along with the horse you rode in on.

And for those of you who had the audacity to say, "The hanging of Saddam Hussein will turn to hell for the Americans... the American people will be in more danger with the death of Saddam..." Bring. It. On.

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