Sunday, October 14, 2007

Leave LeBron Alone!

OK, I'm not impressed by LeBron James. Having watched basketball during The Jordan Era, not a damn NBA star has impressed me much. Having said that, I have only one thing to say...

It's a hat.

It's just a goddamned hat.

Most of my hometown is up in arms over LeBron wearing a Yankees hat to a Tribe game. Let me make a few points right now.

1. The dude's from Akron. He probably was a Yankees fan before he started playing for SVSM. He's not just gonna jump horses because Cleveland's demanding "city unity". (Where was the "city unity" when the little girl got shot in a crossfire? Or when the 14-year old boy shot up SuccessTech?!)

2. As long as he wears that Cavaliers jersey, does anybody care what hat he wears?

3. And we all know that as soon as basketball season starts, all these people screaming "Traitor" at Lebron are gonna do a helluva lot of jock-riding.

So stop all the bitching and whining about LeBron wearing the damn hat and back off.

Until he starts playing for Jigga.
Or he wears a Steelers cap.

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