Sunday, October 22, 2006

More Irresponsible Than a Failed Proposal...

And everybody who reads my posts thinks that I'm bad...

You should get a gander at Cocaine Energy Drink.

These cretins are only asking for trouble. At the risk of sounding like a maniacal old "fuddy-duddy" (I'm 31), why in the hell would you name anything after drug? After watching an article on WOIO-TV (for those that live outside Clevo), we were all asking the same question.

Granted, Cocaine (the energy drink) may not contain cocaine (the drug), but isn't that sending the wrong message?! YOU DON'T NAME AN ENERGY DRINK AFTER CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES. Period. At's FAQ page, alias Rumors, when asked if "Does Cocaine contain cocaine", they said "No, we don't advocate drug use."


They claim not to advocate drug abuse. Then... can somebody explain to me, why would you call your energy drink "Cocaine"?! Why refer to stores as "Dealers?!" and "Suppliers?" And you claim to not advocate drug abuse. Yeah, right.

I almost believed them.

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