Friday, April 13, 2007


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I’m Not a Racist, That’s What’s So Insane About This… Imus! IMUS!*
*Apologies to Xoc

While stumbling across YouTube, I ran across a comment that stuck with me:

“The First Amendment was not created to protect speech that you like. The First Amendment was created to protect speech that annoys you.”

Yeah, but sometimes, you gotta watch what you say.

So, do I think Don Imus should be fired? No. There are people who have said much worse and have kept their jobs.

WTAM-AM’s Mike Trivisonno has declared April “White History Month”.
WMJI-FM’s John Lanigan has proven that he pretty much hates damn near everybody.
And do we need to get started on the King of All Media? (Oh, I’ll get to The Other Howard Stern in a minute.)

Imus was made an example of, plain and simple. That last sentence does not defend what he said. In a nearly thirty-year career in radio, and a public figure, Imus should have known goddamn better. Have we forgotten the tragedies of Michael Richards, Mel Gibson, and Jimmy the Greek?

When you’re a public figure, there is a loaded gun to your head. It is not wise to give anybody bullets.

Britney handed bullets to the media when she married K-Leech.
Michael Richards handed bullets to the internet when he couldn’t take being heckled.
Don Imus gave a loaded nuke to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson when he commented on the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team.

Pull the trigger.


I was not mad at all when Don Imus said what he said. Not at all. I’m mad over that BS apology. Cowboy up and say what you mean, unless you’re truly remorseful. Look at Natalie Maines. She dogged Dubya. And she never apologized. I have no clue if Imus was sincere or not.

Say what you want, just word it carefully.

At least Rutgers’ had the good sense to just say that Imus was wrong, instead of commenting on whether he should keep his job.

When It Comes To Six-Month Old Dannielynn

The Other Howard (K.) Stern: You are not the father.
Mr. Zsa Zsa Gabor: You are not the father.
Lisa Nowak: You are not the father.
Kevin Federline: Just kidding.
Larry Birkhead: You are the golddigger father.
Now all of you, go away and leave Anna Nicole be.

Speaking Of Golddiggers

Britney had to cough up $13 Million, half the proceeds of her house, child support, four days without her kids, and $1 Million to get rid of K-Leech. She shaved her head for a reason: she don’t want you no more.

Hopefully, the next time we hear about Kevin Freederloader is this: “Britney Spears has two children from a previous marriage.”

Not Another Scandal Already III:

Okay, Lisa Nowak. You’ve been found with a small armory. You drove 800 miles in a goddamn diaper to mace another woman. You’ve been fired by NASA. And now, they find eurpean currency, pills, and bondage photos on a disk in your car.

Bondage photos?!

Two Words: “Bondage Diapers”.

And that, gang, is what I mean by loaded guns and ammo.

My time’s up. Thanks for reading. Don’t blow it, Cavs.

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