Saturday, January 13, 2007

An Open Letter To Our President (Or "My few cents on the 'war'")

And now, a word to The President of the United States:

Disclaimer: Due to my express beliefs, this does in any way enforce a non-patriotic view. However, this needs to be said, so here we go:

21,500 troops.

How dare you.

Do you honestly think you're doing us a favor by sending 21,500 of our troops overseas to fight a pissing contest? You are making matters worse by endangering that many of our people to fight a meaningless war. As much as I hated the guys that actually won the elections (yes, I said elections), I feel that we were better off with them instead of you.

21,500 troops.

You lost my respect.

And I say this not out of anger, but of sadness. My sister is a reservist with the Army. My godson's 20-year old sister recently enlisted in the Marines. And I have friends in the military. So imagine what we're going through right now. I am scared as hell. Their number can come up any day, and off they go. Out of that 21,500 of our people, 17,500 are slated to go to Baghdad. They could be one of that few. As much as I support our troops, I cannot support this plan you have laid out.
And here's my opinion about the war:

As far as I'm concerned, the "War on Terror" is a goddamn pissing contest, plain and simple. Understandable, but unnecessary. My point, and I do have one, is simple: It should not have come to this, point blank. More troops are not the answer. Endangering our people is not the answer.

You found him, but you didn't find any WMDs.
One is gone, but you still can't find the other.
You've gone after terrorists, but at the cost of 3,000 (and counting, unfortunately) of our people.
You've taken back some of the oil, but gas is still expensive.
You've reminded everyone just who the hell we are. You put the rest of the free world in its place.
Our embassy in Athens was attacked, but you've made terrorists think twice about pulling some bullshit on our land.
You've proven that the United States of America is the baddest bunch of mofos walking God's Green Earth.
You've beaten your chest loudly and stomped the loudest.
You've made your point. USA is #1.
Get a withdrawal plan. Hand Iraq back to their people. Let them go about their business. We did our part, it's best to end it now.
And most importantly, bring our troops home. Now. Before something happens, and six months from now, you're saying "Things are not quite going as we expected..."
And that's what I think about the war.

But that's just me.

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