Friday, January 05, 2007

And Now... Deep Thoughts...

Well, time for me to ramble on needlessly with a few thoughts...

"Soul Has Lost Its Home..." (title suggested by my nephew)
My nephew might be a little bit off the mark, but he does have a point: the loss of James Brown (on Christmas Day) leaves a void in the music world that's almost damn near impossible to fill. There are still some musicians that are ready to fill the already too large shoes, but he (like the Beatles) is just plain untouchable.

"If I Did It"
Why couldn't he just say, "OK, I Did It"?

America's Favorite Freeloader: Part Two
This past Monday on WWE RAW, John Cena put over K-Mooch at the start of the show. By the end, Cena gave Fed-Ex an F-U (Death Valley Driver). We know sports-entertainment is mostly predetermined, but everybody knows that slam hurt. Somewhere, Britney is smiling.

Send in the Clowns
The bottom line is gang, we ended 4-12. We've had enough time to stop being such a suck ass team. Sorry Romeo, the 3-4 ain't working. Get some decent players in here, or we just may have to look elsewhere. And if Bill Cowher decides to leave the Steelers (the rumors haven't been confirmed at the time of this blogging), maybe he can come back. OK, so he has a lot of work to do, but look at what he did for the Steelers. Triv is fuming...

But that's just me...

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Erin O'Brien said...

1) You, I like. You, I like alot.

2) Baby, when you live in Cleveland, you have to deal with the Browns. It's sort of like having a chronic disease, but it's a really cruel chronic disease. It starts to get better, you start to have little hope.

Then BOOM! you get a full blown relapse.